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What do customers experience with Dikla Keshet acupuncture?

In recent years I have solved all kinds of problems for customers. On this page you can read the experiences that customers have sent us and reviews on Google.

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I appreciate it very much if you also give your opinion about my practice, so send an email or leave a comment on Google maps.

Recent Google reviews:

Received reviews:

Malka Ziso
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I suffered from neck pain, I went to Dikla for pain treatment, the treatment was professional, efficient and courteous. After the treatment, I was very relieved.
Brian Grossman
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After the acupuncture at my health service’s office accomplished very little, I saw Dikla in her professional home clinic. Her treatment provided genuine real relief for my sciatic nerve. Highly recommended!
Adi Gabzu
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After a few treatments in this charming clinic … there was an improvement in my condition beyond recognition !! Thank you for the dedicated treatment and the warm and special attitude.
Malka Gamliel
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Dikla is charming, pleasant, attentive and very professional. Each of her treatments had a great effect.
Rotem Erez
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Highly recommended! Dikla is a Professional acupuncturist, has an effective treatment for any kind of problem!
Olla chen vaisman
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An amazing professional woman, courteous with the right and effective treatment.
Hope England
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I was feeling quite sick after traveling for many weeks. I came all the way from America and Dikla took the time to see me on her day off. She was full of knowledge, compassion and warmth and helped me put together a treatment plan for my travels back home. I would highly recommend her for any of your needs. She's wonderful!
Felix Mispelblom Beyer
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Hele goede behandeling gehad. Had last van mijn rug maar daar heeft ze me goed bij kunnen helpen. Alle stress is nu weer weg gelukkig. Heel erg blij mee.
Linda Nijhuis
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Aardige en lieve vrouw, intake mag wat mij betreft wat korter duren. Behandeling prima uitgevoerd!
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Dikla is a great listener and takes her time to really understand you and your problems. Her positivity combined with the therapy makes you leave the room feeling recharged and vital.
Emily Perez
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Dikla understood my health complications very well because she used to have it herself. We are going to look how to solve it. The first session did we will recommended!
Naomi Schmiedel
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Dikla was very friendly and listened patient to my history trying to figure out how she can treat me best and so far it worked out, so I can highly recommend letting her help you as well!
Lior Benador-Moss
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Highly recommended. Very happy to hear Dikla now offers treatments in de pijp!
Daniel Reshef
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Very professional and highly recommended.
Suzan Wessets
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Very lovely and warm treatment. Dikla knows how to find the spots even if you didn't know where it hurts.
Anna Doornbos
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De behandeling werd goed uitgevoerd. Dikla is heel vriendelijk en de behandeling heeft mij erg goed gedaan.

Feel completely at ease

Why people choose us

Advanced Proven Procedures

Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with western medicine, acupuncture and modern technology.

Most Effective Treatment

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a proven treatment for many common complaints.

With a Touch of Kindness

As a Licensed Acupuncturist I truly believe that if you are ready to do everything that’s required to solve a natural health problem, together with my help we can take your situation from illness to wellness.

Friendly Atmosphere

You'll find our clinic to be a warm, friendly and welcoming environment where we can discuss your needs in complete confidence.

Well Trained Certified Therapist

I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Neurofeedback Licensed Trainer, having graduated from the Shenzhou University in Ibiza where I studied for five years.

Individual Approach to Patient

Together we will understand the imbalances in your body, what causes them, and what you need to change in order to improve.



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