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Acupuncture treatment by Dikla Keshet acupuncturist

Wat is acupuncture therapy?

Acupuncture is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). This complementary therapy is based on a health care system that has been applied throughout East Asia for thousands of years.

Most common acupuncture treatment indications:

How does an acupuncture treatment work?

During an acupuncture treatment, very fine needles are inserted into specific parts of the body. These needles are packed in an individual sterile package, are used only once and then disposed of safely. Normally, the insertion of the needles does not cause any pain because of the fineness of the needle.

Dikla Keshet’s acupuncture clinic has over 10 years of experience with a wide range of known and unknown conditions. Hundreds of patients have preceded you with acupuncture treatment. With our treatment facilities in Ibiza and Buitenveldert we have a professional treatment environment where we treat a wide range of conditions with acupuncture therapy.

Traditional healing therapies within TCM

  • Chinese Dietary Therapy
  • Cupping treatment
  • Acupressure
  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Moxabustion

Read more about these treatment methods here.



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