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Your health is my priority

Hello and welcome to my acupuncture practice website, I am Dikla Keshet. I am licensed in Chinese acupuncture and also a licensed Neurofeedback trainer.

It is my mission to help you!

I truly believe that if you are ready to do everything that’s required to solve a natural health problem, together with my help we can take your situation from illness to wellness.

My studies in Chinese acupuncture

I graduated from the Shenzhou open University in Amsterdam where I’ve studied for five years: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Foundation of Western Medicine, and Chinese Acupuncture.

Studying these authentic Chinese techniques and way of thinking has provided me with a high level of understanding of the Chinese culture and their approach of the interconnectivity of health and nature.  I feel truly blessed to have accumulated all the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Acupuncture wisdom from the origin Chinese Masters.

I’m a registered member of the professional ‘Zhong’, the Dutch association for Chinese medicine. As well as the “Asociacion Acupuntores Sanitarios” AAS, an organization for professional and recognized acupuncture specialists in Spain.

Why choose me

I’m one of the only Chinese Acupuncturists that gives full attention to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which means that I don’t analyse cases only with acupuncture treatment as modern-day acupuncturists tend to do.

I use only special traditional techniques in my clinic and combine it with western medicine, acupuncture and modern technology. I have many years of experience and have successfully treated hundreds of patients.

More recently I graduated from the Bar-Ilan University in Israel, studying and practising in Neurofeedback brain training technology for balancing the brain waves and the mind.

During these studies, I focused on: stress, ADHD, anxiety, burn-out and depression.  My experience in western medicine and eastern medicine determines that a connection between these medicines can be made to improve the clinical results for psychological and emotional treatments.

Area of Specialization

My thesis and internship were based on the menopause and osteoarthritis, I focused on the electro-acupuncture and chronic pain treatment, studied in Switzerland cosmetic acupuncture from the top master Virginia Doran.  I also specialise using a unique technique of head and body acupressure points of acupuncture which has proved very successful in balancing all the systems equally.

More about me

I’m a very energetic and optimistic person, I love and appreciate my profession.  I have huge amounts of respect for both my patients and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I love to explore, to discover, I’m a very curious and open-minded person.  Fascinated by other cultures, I’ve travelled the world for many years and have lived in several non-conventional locations such as with the mysterious Mayas tribe in the mountains of Guatemala.  Having lived and worked with the Mayas the key things I learned is that life can be very simple, happiness doesn’t cost money, we are part of nature, we are all one.

I’m a very proud mother of two kids, happily married to my Dutch partner, and I love living in Ibiza.


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